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Market Analysis Romania

A simple analysis of the turnover of your company will not give you any clues about your competitors and your position in the market. Did you lost or gained ground versus your competitors? To answer this question a deep market analysis is needed.

  • Identification of the different available products or services in the Romanian market and evaluation of market size in term of volume and value.

  • Competition analysis: market main player’s identification and market key factors of success.

  • Market share analysis.

  • Identification of the different available distribution channels.

  •  Pricing and margin policies.

  • Cost analysis for imported goods.

Quantitative Studies

To anticipate your clients or consumers needs, to be aware of the market perception of your brand and/or products, is vital. Our market research services include phone and face to face interviews covering four key aspects for a successful sales development:

  • Client Satisfaction: Studies the client’s satisfaction level versus a product or a service.

  • Geomarketing: Brand notoriety analysis by region, consumer behavior analysis by region, identification of your main competitors in each region of Romania

  • Communication: Impact evaluation of an advertising campaign in terms of image, brand positioning and brand awareness.

  • Product Offer: Study on a product launch, buying intentions, identification of the main competitors, importance of each distribution channel.

Marketing Strategy

In order to apply an efficient marketing strategy adapted to the needs of your company, our team applies a four steps procedure:

  1. Environment analysis, this step contains: an internal analysis, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your organization on each operational business unit, and an external analysis, identifying the opportunities and threats existing in the market and more globally on your company’s environment.

  2.  Strategy elaboration, we here define the strategic segments of the targeted market to ensure an efficient positioning of your products or services. Our segmentation approach is divided in three key steps: strategic segments identification, key  factors of success analysis (and barriers to access the market) , measure of the intrinsic profitability of each segment. Next we determine the desirable (most profitable) positioning for your brand and the differentiation strategy versus your competitors.

  3. Objectives and action planafter analysis of the two previous steps and in close collaboration with the different key actors of your organization (general management, marketing manager, sales manager), we establish the objectives that your company will aim at in terms of turnover, market shares and profit. The marketing action plan details for each action, what will be done, when, by whom, with what means and budget. It defines the marketing mix of your offer: products or services description, prices, promotion and the distribution channels used.

  4. Estimated profit and loss results and internal control system, in this final step, we establish a detailed financial forecast. A periodical internal control system based on marketing management charts will allow you to follow the situation week by week. This powerful tool enables your organization to monitor the gap between forecasts and reality.

Loyalty Programs

The objective is to treat your “frequent clients” in a privileged manner through out loyalty programs or exclusive clubs.

For your “frequent clients”, which also happens to be the most profitable ones, it is essential to operate a transformation from a transactional marketing approach to an individualized marketing relationship approach, here is how we proceed:

  • Internal analysis: if it is the case analysis of existing loyalty programs, client database analysis, definition of the “frequent”, “regular” and “occasional” client.

  • External analysis:  identification of the main competitors, analysis of the loyalty programs existing in the competition.

  • In close collaboration with the different key actors of your company (top management, marketing manager, sales manager and IT manager) we develop a loyalty marketing strategy.

  • A loyalty action plan is developed for your organization, this plan gives all the details for the proposed loyalty programs, the actions taken for the programs’ promotion, the necessary budget for the operation and the financial and quantitative results expected.

Establishing your Business in Romania

We are helping and accompanying your company at all the different stages of your development in Romania.

  • Administrative and legal procedures for creating your company in Romania (we will handle all the administrative procedures from the constitutive act to different authorizations).

  • Business trip organization for your company’s representatives (meeting schedule, Hotel reservation and the entire business trip logistic).

  • Identification of potential partners or clients, meeting and presentation of your products or services.

  • Identification of high potential locations.

  • Recruitment of qualified employees.

  • Putting in place the necessary logistic to address all the different distribution channels.


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